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Professional Drone Photography and Video

What we do?

Technological advances in UAV (Drone), aerial photography and videography have given many more businesses and individuals access to high definition drone aerial photographs and video at affordable prices. The applications are only limited by your imagination! Airpilot UK can supply drone aerial photography and video for:-


Aerial Photograph

Airpilot UK have state of the art 4K drone aerial photography equipment and software, enabling you to receive your drone aerial photographs and video in high resolution 4K photography and video, 1080 x 720 zoom photography and video, plus RAW and JPG photo’s if required.

The pictures and/or videos are available immediately, allowing for instant assessment of high level surveying, or can be sent on a wide variety of formats (email, Memory stick, CD-Rom). We can also edit your photo’s and videos into complete packages, including titles and music of your choice.


Drones & Equipment

Airpilot UK aerial drone services 4K photography operates DJI Mavic Pro UAV's (Drones), which are extremely agile, lightweight and quite.

Once on location, Airpilot UK are ready to take aerial drone pictures and video, including digital stills, CCTV, high definition video and 360 degree panoramic images. On viewing digital stills, you will have the ability to zoom in, thus allowing you to compile a detailed report or collated images from the comfort of your own office/home. Airpilot UK operates from its base in Chigwell Essex to destinations UK wide.


Safe and Secure

Airpilot UK’s first priority is your safety, the safety of the public and staff on all of our drone aerial photo or video assignments.

Airpilot UK operates to strict safety procedures. All our pilots are fully qualified with a Permission for Commercial Operation Certificate (PfCO), approved by the CAA throughout the United Kingdom.

Airpilot UK is FULLY insured with up to £10M public liability. We ensure compliance with all regulations including, if necessary, the preparation of all method statements and risk assessments.

Limited, only by your imagination!

Aerial Drone Photography for Selling or Marketing Residential and Commercial Property

Why not use a drone to take aerial photographs and/or video to help sell houses and property?

Estate Agents and private sellers globally are waking up to the fact that aerial photographs or short videos of any property, greatly increase its saleability.

Aerial images give a much better idea of the size and lay-out of a property, also showing the extent of the gardens or land that comes with it. Prospective buyers can see exactly what is for sale.

Even houses and apartments that look relatively plain from ground level are given a whole new perspective by photographing them from an elevated viewpoint. So, give your property portfolio that extra sales push by using aerial drone property photography from Airpilot UK. What was once an expensive option, available only from helicopters or light aircraft, is now more readily available and more cost-effective than ever by using Airpilot UK remotely piloted UAV (Drone) systems.

Airpilot UK use DJI Mavic Pro drones to take up to 4k photographs and videos to help sell houses and property. They are lightweight, extremely manoeuvrable and as all of our drones are fitted with DJI stealth propellers, very quite and unobtrusive.

Airpilot UK’s aerial drone photography or video property assignment prices start from as little as £180 (inc VAT) and for shooting multiple properties on the same day, increase by only £50 per property (3 x properties = £280 inc VAT).

A new persepctive on property images

Golf Courses

“Fly-Over” drone video footage is the perfect way for golf clubs to attract new members and to showcase the features of their courses. Prior to starting golf course drone flyover projects, we advise our clients on the best type of drone footage and photographs that will work for them. Aerial drone photography is also a great opportunity to showcase golf courses, club houses and golf club facilities on websites, in promotional material and within the club itself.

Golf course drone flyover footage and photography can be edited and produced to include voiceover, music, graphics, information and branding. Indeed, Airpilot UK can undertake production work on all aerial drone photography and filming projects to meet all requirements.

Airpilot UK operates to strict safety procedures. All our pilots are fully qualified with a Permission for Commercial Operation Certificate (PfCO), approved by the CAA throughout the United Kingdom. Airpilot UK is FULLY insured with up to £10M public liability.

An eagle eye view of your golf course.

High Level Inspection

Using our high tech 4k drones, Airpilot UK is able to safely and cost-effectively carry out previously difficult and dangerous inspections. We are able to remotely inspect a range of hard-to-reach areas and settings, including roofs, tall chimneys, spires and towers, high level cables, wind turbines and all sorts of industrial equipment. Our remotely piloted drones will provide detailed, high-resolution 4k images and high definition video of places that would be otherwise dangerous to reach.

The drone inspections we carry out are faster and safer than conventional methods, and allow us to remove the need for expensive scaffolding and cherry pickers. This means we are able to reduce costs and remove the need to work from height, allowing us to comply with various health and safety requirements, while providing you with the ability to assess the components of your property up close.

Insepction on a new level.

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